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Keeping Up With the Traditions

There are many ways in which one can draw inspiration and mine just happens to be Keeping Up With the Traditions. In order to do anything regarding creative expression or working with the public, it is my opinion that there should be something there to ground oneself.

I have chosen to follow my Ojibwe roots in order to achieve this.

In following my tribes traditions I am better able to center myself and release any stress so that I can better help others.

Recently, I have been asked by one of my local school boards to help young ladies in creating ribbon skirts. For many of these young ladies it is their first time even looking at a sewing machine, let alone creating anything wearable and it reminds me of the first time I sewed with my grandmother.

Being able to be a positive role model for these young women and the opportunity to be able to be a role model again in the future is one of many reasons why I will continue to pursue my tribes culture and traditions.

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