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Fundraising for a cause - Every Child Matters

In the light of recent events of the discovery of our ancestors' unmarked mass graves on former residential school grounds I, as a mother and Indigenous Woman, needed to do something. I needed to take some sort of action to promote reconciliation and healing within my community. So I partnered with my boss and we held a one-day vendors market where we had Pow Wow comfort foods, crafts, and a few songs.

I must admit that I was extremely nervous about this endeavor as I had never attempted something like this before and to my surprise, it turned out extremely well. There was even a query as to when we will hold another.

I decided to donate proceeds to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation ( as their organization assisted communities and survivors from all across Canada. (We raised $2093.00)

This little video clip is the very reason why I decided to take action. She was not prompted to assist in any way, but simply saw that vendors were setting up their spaces and she took it upon herself to help in any way that she could.

These events may bring me way outside of my comfort zone, but it is my hope that as she grows, these will be her comfort zones. She will not have to wrestle with anxiety and self-doubt, she will have the confidence to know that she can do whatever she sets her mind to because mommy showed her that she can.

Every child matters, and you, my darling daughter, matter more to me than you will ever know.

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