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I never thought modern luxuries could be so taxing

Growing up in a world where technology is always changing is definitely new and exciting, if you live close to an urban city or even a small town. It's amazing to think that with all these modern conveniences we would still be living in a situation where these luxuries can actually cause more harm than good. With most things switching to online methods like school, work and socializing, it's becoming more difficult for those of us living in more rural areas to adapt to these changes.

Yes, there is always the option for "rocket hubs" and hotspotting from your mobile phone but this comes at a price. A rocket hub is pay-as-you-go data and mobile phone plans have become better in their usage but no matter how good these options are, if you live on the edge of a "dead zone" no amount of high-speed, unlimited mobile data is going to help you.

With everything that's going on in the world, this may seem like a trivial matter for someone to worry about, but with an upcoming school year that is relying on online classes this is a very real truth for some of us. Where are we going to be able to go to do our assignments, attend zoom classes/meetings, upload assignments? I'm sure with the Stage-3 opening (Northern Ontario specifically) it would stand to reason that we could once again use our coffee shops and libraries, that offer free wifi, as a means to an end, we can even rely on family members.

In all honesty, who wants to drive (in my case 45 min each way) everyday to impose on other people and potentially expose their children to a virus?

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